The first day of my first full-time job, I set an intention to go freelance. To have my mornings belong to me. To do my best work in my natural environment, on my schedule. To put the time spent primping, commuting, meeting and looking busy toward productivity in both professional and personal endeavors. Now, nearly a decade later, this is the life I’ve set up for myself – a life I love. 

Project management apps like Slack, Trello and Basecamp enable my way of working, as does ubiquitous Wi-Fi and cell coverage. Slowly, even behemoth companies with inch-thick employee handbooks are relying on the perspectives and mobility of workers unembroiled in the company culture. With each passing year, each technological and sociological development, it’s becoming an increasingly good time to work the way I do. This blog is meant to capture the beauty of working remotely and making your own schedule, as well as the hurdles faced by independent workers.

Here, I hope to captivate the curious and commune with the converted. Read on and reach out with your experiences at