Stay Positive, Stay Productive

When I left my last full time job, just over eight years ago (WOW!), I assumed I'd soon enough be back in a full-time position somewhere, but it just never came to pass. I grew accustomed to hustling for different gigs, cobbling together a schedule of project work, replete with midweek downtime and working weekends. At first, grocery shopping or going for a hike on a Wednesday afternoon felt inherently wrong, like I was shirking responsibility or playing hookie or that I was some under-employed slacker. And working on a Sunday – the good Catholic school girl I am – well, that felt off, too. 

This way of working, on your own schedule, in your own environs, is gaining in popularity and acceptance in the world, but us digital nomads need to work on our own self-acceptance out here in the wilderness. One great you're-not-alone resource is Remotive – a newsletter created by an employee of Buffer, a 100% distributed team employer. 

Replete with weekly productivity tools like playlists that increase concentration to remote job listings, it's a must-read. 

That's it for Officelessness for this week – tomorrow is my birthday, and no matter what you do for work, you should take that one day each year to turn it all off, which is what I fully intend to do. As for the Saturday after, well, that's fair game.