Office Supplies for the Digital Nomad

It took me a while to get fully unpacked after two months abroad. I'm not known for "packing light" but in my defense, I brought along some key items that made workcationing possible. Here's my short list:

#1 most crucial Officelessness travel gizmo: Skyroam portable WiFi hotspot ($99.99). With 24-hour internet passes for just $8 each, you can connect most anywhere where there's cell coverage. I set up the AT&T Passport Plan on my phone, which gave me unlimited international texting and relatively affordable calling, but the data allowance was paltry (though there are lots of tips on conserving data and their international specialists are very helpful, too). I’m grandfathered into an unlimited data plan here at home, so I have no concept what amount of data checking email or social media or navigation apps uses (hint: a lot more than what the plan offers). Skyroam’s battery life is only about eight hours, but with a backup battery pack, you’re good to go, all day long.

Visiting multiple countries meant all different kinds of outlet situations. The BESTEK Portable International Travel Voltage Converter made things easy with plug adaptors and USB ports galore. One of my travel mates lamented its high-pitched whirr, but I wouldn't have noticed it, myself.

Having a separate checking and credit account for the trip was a good way to keep track of expenses on the road. Capital One Venture Credit Card has no foreign transaction fees and earns you points for travel expenses. The interest rate sucks, so as long as you pay it off in full, it's worth it. Capital One checking accounts also have no fee for international ATM withdrawals.

Three more things that made my trip easier and more comfortable: Merrell walking shoesBose Noise Cancelling Headphones and the Etekcity Luggage Scale.

 Sartorial appeal: Limited. Complete comfort: Priceless

Sartorial appeal: Limited. Complete comfort: Priceless

  These  + Ambien = airplane ZZZ's

These + Ambien = airplane ZZZ's

 Hanging luggage scale:  Baggage overage fees are real

Hanging luggage scale: Baggage overage fees are real

What are your must-brings when you go abroad?